Sunday, June 30, 2013

Four Months...

Dear Paddy

I know I'm a little late in posting about your fourth month but I have a very good reason, the flu. Not me, just everyone around me! The worst thing about having one sick kid, is two sick kids! But not at the same time, as James was recovering, you started to get sick. Whew it has been a rough couple of weeks. 

This month has been more than sickness, you have really started to grow from an infant into a baby. You slept through the night for the first time a couple of weeks ago, just before getting sick! You had been gradually waking from twice a night to once and then one night you didn't wake until 7am! You have managed to do this a couple of times now, so hopefully when you finally get better we'll be getting a few more full night sleeps!

You enjoy being either on your back or tummy but don't like your swing anymore, which is a bit of a pain since I put you there at dinner time. When you are on your back you are always kicking and waving your arms, trying to grab or bat things around you. A couple of times you've accidentally hit your brother, when he's got too close, and I've had to explain to James that you didn't mean it. 

You are still breastfeeding like a champ, I've been so lucky to have two children to take to the boob as well as you and your brother. I haven't had to use any of the frozen breastmilk I stored while I was pumping in hospital, though we did we lose some in the "freezer misshap of 2013"! I have to remember to make sure the freezer door is closed properly. 

This month was your first visit to Nanna and Poppy's beach house. And you were the perfect guest. We have an annual trip down there every Easter (as well as a few times a year) and I can't wait until next year when you are running around with your brother and cousins!

Maybe it's because you're my last baby but I am truly trying to enjoy every minute with you, as a baby. Being able to kiss your little chubby legs and cheeks as well as carry you on my chest. Being able to hold you as long as I want because you can't run away, is such a privilege and one that will be gone before I know it. I wish you could stay small forever but also look forward to see you growing every month into a little boy. 

Love always

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  1. He is so cute and I love his cheeks! (Nice to be able to say that about someone else's kid b/c people are always saying it about my own). I totally agree, I want to hold my little one as long as possible since he can't get up and run away just yet.