Sunday, August 19, 2012

Screen time...

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Growing up I remember not having a limit on how much television I and my siblings could watch. But considering this was during the time in Australia where we only had three TV channels and most of the day time television was not for children, our days were spent outside playing.

As we grew up I remember spending time in front of the TV after school and after our homework was completed. Maybe watching more during school holidays but again there wasn't much on for kids so it was more interesting playing outside especially once we got a pool!

I'm not unrealistic about the role TV, computers and phones will play in my kid(s) life. We enjoy watching sport, documentaries, the news and the odd comedy as a way to unwind at the end of the day so I'm not going to deprive James of watching TV alongside us.

Times have changed since I was a kid and now we have hundreds of channels including children only channels that kids could sit in front of all day. As James grows and becomes more aware of the TV, I will have to set rules in place on when, what and how much he can watch. I don't see the need to have a TV in his room (I never had one growing up) and he won't have a phone until he can pay for it himself.

I think some children's television is okay like Ses.ame Street, Play School (an Australian program where they do craft, read books and sing songs) and some cartoons. But I despise programs like the Wigg.les, Do.ra the Explorer etc where it really is like a marketing tool to reel kids in. You can't just watch the program you have to buy the DVDs, games, tickets to the stage show (which for a Wigg.les concert are around A$45 each!) and even clothes.

As for computers, this is tricky since a lot of school work these days is done on the computer and he will need these skills when he gets older. I guess I will have to assess the situation when it comes up and like TV probably set ground rules on when, what and how much time he can spend playing.

Like everything in life I believe everything in moderation and I hope I can show James the joys in reading a good book, building a cubby house, running through a sprinkler and building towns out of Le.go that I enjoyed growing up.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


In Australia, the definition of weaning is moving on from breastfeeding to formula or cows milk.

Nothing makes me prouder to have been able to breastfeed. And even though I had some struggles (like most woman) thankfully I was able to over come them. I was then able to continue BF'ing James exclusively for the first six months and with the occasional formula feed after six months when I was out or away from him. It has now become time to me to finish up with breastfeeding. I'm ready. On a few levels. I'm ready to wear normal shirts and bras (without breast pads!). I'm ready for my nipples not to be bitten (TMI?). I'm ready for my breast not to be exposed every time James has a look around.

It's taken four weeks but we are finally coming to the end of the weaning process. James is still having four milk feeds a day, so every week I would move one milk feed to formula. This week is our last week, the morning feed was the last to give up.

James has handled it well. Barely noticing the change. He has been exposed to bottles before we started weaning so it wasn't a totally new concept but I still thought there would a resistance of sort.

It does make me a little sad that we are moving on but I think it's more of 'my baby doesn't need me anymore' than anything else. But I know he can't wipe his bum, so I'm not out of a job yet!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Future Olympic Swimmer...

Well maybe not but he's pretty cute in his swimmers!

I finally got my arse into gear and enrolled James into swimming classes. The downside was I also have to put togs (swimmers) on and join him in the pool. But it's motivation to lose a couple of kilos plus I love being in the water.

James just loves being in the water. As soon as we get in he's splashing and kicking around. Which makes it hard to hang onto him. BJ was free this week so he came down with us and was able to take some photos of our future Olympian!