Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Six months...

Dear Patchy

Sorry I'm a few days late with your six month post! The days seem to be flying now and everyday you seem to grow and get stronger. 

You are still breastfeeding like a champ and we have made the "exclusive six months" which was my goal with both you and your brother. Your breastfeeding journey has had it's ups and downs and I'm so glad we have made it this long and now we can concentrate on getting you to try new foods. 

Solids are going well. By the end of your sixth month you are having three solid meals a day, as well has four breastfeeds. So far you have had pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, apple, pear, baby muesli, banana and yoghurt. Until you can sit up better, we'll continue to spoon feeding but I'm pretty keen to start baby lean weaning. You like to sit in your bum.bo or swing and feed yourself banana in your mesh feeder so BLW won't be far away!

You are gradually getting there with your sleep. You are now sleeping through from 7pm to 6:30-7:00am most nights, with the occasional early wake up around 4am. You have been going through a fussy phase with your naps and now you are struggling to sleep past forty minutes each time. You are starting to roll more in your cot and sometimes get into weird positions which is not helping. The power napping is really affecting your mood in the afternoons. The past couple of days have seen you go back to your old routine so hopefully we may have our good napper back! 

Your strength is improving and you really want to sit up all the time now. You must feel a bit left out when we are at the park or playing in the backyard and you're watching James run around. Not long now and you'll be running around too. You can sit but are usually hunched over and occasionally fall to either side. Don't worry, Mumma is always there to help. You love grabbing everything and putting said object into your mouth. Your favourite toys are Sir Pra.nce-A-Lot and any plastic rings which are easy for you to get a good hold of. We have moved you from the swing (which you hated) to the highchair or bum.bo for your solid meals to help improve your core strength and you are enjoying the change. 

This month we brought a double stroller which means more time at the park and more outings. You love being outside and having one-on-one time with Mum, while James plays at the playground. When we go out you are a very good baby and are happy to either have a snooze or just look around and take in your surroundings. Usually while chewing one of Sir Pra.nce-A-Lot's legs off!

You are the softest, sweetest baby around and I love you so much. 

Your Mumma. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How do you feed your child...

I am lucky. Lucky to have fed my babies with (what I think) is the best food possible, breast milk. But I am also determined and stubborn. Because while breastfeeding seems like it should be so easy, it's hard work. I wrote about my breastfeeding journey back in March 2012, while I was breastfeeding my eldest son, you can read about our journey here.

Since that post, I have fallen pregnant again, weaned James off, gave birth (five weeks early) to another beautiful son Patrick and my breastfeeding journey #2 has started. 

Again I thought it would be so easy, I had breastfed James for ten months, I was a pro at this feeding business. Well just when you think you know what you are doing, life throws you a curve ball. Paddy was born five weeks early. My second breastfeeding journey began not how I envisage, with skin to skin contact and his first feed straight after birth. I couldn't even hold Paddy for fifteen hours after he was born and then it was only for a little while. He was so tiny, much smaller than his brother had been and since our main objective for the first days of his life was for him to gain weight, we couldn't even start trying to breastfeed until he was a day or so old and even then he was so tired all the time that I could only try nursing him every third tube feed! So frustrating.

My home for the first two weeks of Paddy's life

And where Paddy lived for the first two weeks
In all my communication with Paddy's doctor I always said if we needed to put him on a bottle to get out of hospital early, then that was always an option but this was truly a last resort. Every day the doctor would go through Paddy's chart and let us know if we could increase the millilitres he was receiving via tube. It was only after Paddy was weighed (every third day) that I was allowed to increase the number of breastfeeds I could give. I was so lucky that I had such a great supply of milk during all this time (though I was expressing every three hours) it was just working with Paddy and finding our own rhythm that we needed to work on. 

Six months on we are still going strong. All that pumping meant I have plenty of breast milk in the freezer so we have reached the six month mark exclusively on breast milk! My second last goal with breastfeeding now has been reached! My final breastfeeding goal is to reach the ten month mark again, with Paddy. After that time I will be done and happy that I have been able to feed my boys the way I wanted. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Monday Snapshot...

I finally bit the bullet and brought a double pram so I could get out more with both boys. I had been using my borrowed Baby Bj.orn but as Paddy is climbing towards the 7kg mark, it's getting harder and harder to carry him for a long time. Plus I used to walk four or five times a week and now because of our single pram, I might get one walk in on the weekend. Luckily a friend was looking at selling her second hand one, so I managed to get one for half the price of a new one! Today was the first time I've taken the kids for a walk to our favourite park!

Plus a bonus photo of James enjoying himself at the park!

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