Tuesday, December 31, 2013


After reading some of the new year resolutions for 2014, I thought I would list a few things I would like to work on this year. 

Spend time enjoying our family - I head back to work at the end of January and I'm scared about how much time we will get to spend as a family. So we need to get the most out of the time we spend as a family, while we are together. 

Revamp the house - at the end of 2013 we started revamping the house to make it more "our home" and less "this is the place we have all our shit". I wanted to hang the professional photos we got done when Patrick was born and also hang some of the photos we have of the travelling we've done. I also wanted to declutter my kitchen and linen cupboard as well as purging our wardrobes.  I want this revamping to continue into the new year. I have plenty of ideas to make our house somewhere we are comfortable in but also proud to show off!

Revamp myself - for my birthday this year BJ surprised me with a $500 gift voucher at one our local shopping centres, so I could spend some money on clothes. Since breastfeeding takes away alot of your fashion choices, I wanted to stop nursing before spending the voucher. Luckily I have twelve months from August to spend the voucher and it doesn't have to be spent all at once! I've already used a little on a couple of new dresses and shoes and I want to continue to revamp my clothes (as much as I can afford, at least) but also start to get regular hair cuts again and even cut my hair short again?!?

I also need to continue to excerise even after I head back to work. This is going to be tough. I start work at 7:30am and finish at 3:30pm. We generally eat dinner at 5-5:30pm and then the kids are in bed by 7:00pm. Which means the only times I get to excerise is before I go to work, which means I need to get up at 5am or 5:30am, in order to excerise and get home to get us all ready and out the door by 7:00am. Or go after the kids are in bed, in the dark. I usually walk around the block, so any ideas are appreciated!

Get organised - as I mentioned with me starting back at work this month, dinner times and weekends will be sacredSo there are a few things I want to do to make sure I can spend as much time with my little guys when I'm at home. 

Get my meal plan finished and start using it! Have all the ingredients in the house for all the meals we will have for the week (hopefully fortnight), so I don't have to run to the store to get last minute forgotten ingredients. 

Hire a cleaner to come in once a fortnight. We can afford to hire someone to come in and clean the floors, bathroom and do some dusting and general cleaning. So now I just need to get some recommendations and hire someone!

Stay organised - do these things and stick to them!

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and an enjoyable start to 2014! Here are a couple of photos of my boys on Christmas Day.