Monday, January 28, 2013

The Monday Snapshot...

Happy Australia Day long weekend! Well the weekend is nearly over and I'm back to work tomorrow but even with the extreme heat we are having at the moment (after the extreme wet weather - 210mm or 82" of rain in 36 hours) we throughly enjoyed our long weekend. To cool off we jumped in the spa. James loves the water and the bubbles! It was just lovely to be cool for a little while!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Monday Snapshot...

I usually put a photo of my sweet boy up as my Monday Snapshot but this week I thought I'd post one of me with my bump at thirty weeks. Well I thought I was until I was taking the photo and at the last second saw James right behind me in the mirror. Photo bombed by the little man!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Monday Snapshot...

Once a month I get a day off from work usually a Monday. This month BJ decided to take the day off too so we spent the day together. Mostly just doing chores and another check up with the doctor for James. But it was nice waking up with no plans on a Monday.

One thing we haven't done with James before is build a cubby house so we used my new patchwork quilt as a roof, together with the couch, some pillows and one of James' chairs and built this pretty sweet cubby house. James loved going in and out and even BJ moved in for a little while!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun times...

Who knew a work shirt and a remote control could be so much fun! Please excuse the feral state of our rug and my work socks in the background :-)

Yes, James is using the remote control as a telephone. No fun times are complete without a pretend phone call.

And then he kissed me...

As a parent (maybe more so as a mother) you seem to cop your fair amount of poo, pee, vomit, snot, water, food, juice etc, as a daily occurrence. It's just part and parcel of being a parent (or even a carer, Aunty etc).

Yesterday I had already had poo up to my elbows, because my fourteen month old won't lay still on the change table and food wiped over my shirt. So when I offered James a drink of water, he took a mouthful and spat it out (charming I know) I ended up with the lot all over my arms and second shirt. Five minutes before we were leaving home, of course.

I said to him, "why is it I always seem to get your poo, pee, food, spit all over me?" His reply was a little kiss right on my lips, no teeth or anything. The sweetest kiss I've ever had. I suppose I can take a little bit of my son's bodily fluids if the rewards are always so sweet.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boys germs, no return...

BJ and I love a surprise. Which is why we have not found out the sex of this baby or previously with James. It becomes a huge guessing game which extends nine months. It can also be a pain in the arse not knowing what the sex of your baby is. If you know you are having a boy or girl, you can plan a bit more, decorate their room. Have girl or boy clothes ready. Get rid of old boys or girls clothes that you won't need. Have only one name already picked out. Which is where we are having some issues.

With James, I knew (if he was a boy) I was going to call him James. The only thing we had to decide on was a second name. The girls name took us ages to find something we both liked, that couldn't be rhymed with something rude and that sounded right with our last name. We finally agreed on a nice name that we didn't end up using.

This time around we are both still happy with the girls name but now we are finding it extremely difficult to agree on a boys name. I've give BJ a few names I love or even just liked, but he has rejected the lot. And he won't give me any suggestions so we are getting no where fast.

This is where knowing the sex comes in handy. If we knew we were having a girl, no decision necessary it's all done. Go on to planning what colour to paint the nursery. But since we don't know, we have to spend time on a task choosing a name that we might not need.

If you have any suggestions for a classic boys name that will go with a last name starting with W, please let me know!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Festive update...

This past month we've had some more sickness, blood tests, big boy beds and a very merry Christmas!

For the past month or so, James has had a cough and runny nose. Since he started daycare a couple of months ago everyone kept telling us he was going to be sick and since he was also teething I didn't think anything of it until the coughing became an everyday occurrence. It really breaks your heart to hear your little one coughing for fifteen minutes or struggling to breath through their nose. So I made an appointment to get everything checked out. After a chest x-ray, a small spot was found on James' lung to indicate the beginning of pneumonia. The doctor also found James was wheezing when he breathed. I'm so glad we got it investigated when we did. It could have been so much worse. After three rounds of antibiotics and an asthma puffer twice a day the cough has cleared up and his eating has improved immensely. James had lost 500g (1.1lb) the previous month which doesn't seem like a lot but for a little guy who only weights 8kg (17.6lb) it was something else we were worried about. He has now gained that weight back and is more energetic than ever!

It was that time of my pregnancy where I needed to have some blood work done to test for gestational diabetes amongst other things. Thankfully everything came back normal! Trout has turned since the last time I saw Dr J, so now he/she is head down and starting to move into position. I think Dr J is a bit worried that I might go into labour early since he asked me three times if I was doing any more travel until my due date. Now that Christmas is over I'll be staying at home until Trout makes his/her arrival. Here is an updated photo of me at 28 weeks. Yes that is a toy box in my bathroom. James isn't walking yet instead just walks everything not nailed down, around the house!

Since we don't want to buy another cot for Trout we've brought a big boy bed for James. But he looks so tiny in it! So it won't be such a huge change for him once the baby is here, we've already started putting James down for naps in the big boy bed with mixed results. If he is really tired and ready for sleep he's great. But if James is a bit restless he thinks it a big game and won't settle down. I was hoping to have him transitioned into his own room a couple of weeks before the baby's arrival so it didn't seem like we were pushing him out which I still think is achievable. I'll keep you updated on his progress. I've attached a photo of him napping too cute!

We had a terrific Christmas which included some time down at my parents beach house. James got to spend some time in the water enjoying the sunshine. Here is my little guy showing Dadda how to ride a four wheeler. As a side note James' only ride on the bike was while it was stationary. He's still too little for me to let him have a ride, even in the very safe hands of BJ.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beach Edition...

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We took advantage of the great sunny weather and took James' Christmas present (smart trike) out for a stroll at a local beach that has a great walkway that includes little parks along the way. I've included two photos of James to show off the wonderful beaches we have locally. And James' tongue which seems to have a mind of its own at the moment!

Happy new year!