Sunday, February 19, 2012

Losing my hair...

I have thin, straight, brown hair. It's pretty boring really but when I was pregnant, I enjoyed the good "pregnant hair". In a matter of weeks, my hair turned from lifeless to full of body and very luscious (if I do say myself). It sounds like a shampoo hair commercial! Three and a half months of post-pregnancy has turned my hair back into the old lifeless hair I had before. But it seems to be falling out. I've done a bit of research and this is normal but it is so annoying! I've left hair everywhere, all over the bathroom, clothes, hair brush, my car and even on poor James. Apparently the shedding will slow down over the next few months so I'll just have to wear hats until then!

In other news James is growing like a weed. I can't believe he'll be four months next week. He's weight gain has slowed down but he's getting longer. I've even starting putting him into jumpsuits for six to nine months olds just to get the length.

One year ago today I had the FET that would eventually become a BFP and then our son. It's still difficult to imagine this living breathing little boy was the blasty we saw on the microscope a year ago. And it even makes me a little sadder about our first failed IVF and the baby that blasty might have been. We still have one Frostie ready when we are and that makes me a little excited about who that (hopefully) will become.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three months...

Well the Party Animal has been tamed, for now anyway J  We tweaked his night-time routine which seems to have worked for the past couple of weeks.  I now nurse him in the dark without any distractions, no noise, no talking etc, in his room and then straight to bed.  Sometimes he might stir but only for a couple of minutes and then off to sleep.  Most nights we might not hear from him again until 5am.  What a little champion!  There is a lot of trial and error with parenting, more so than they tell you while you're pregnant.  It's just working out what your little one likes and dislikes.

Now for the fun part here are some photos of my little man.

James has now starting grabbing objects and wants to get everything in his mouth!  I've had to start putting bibs on him because of all the dribble from sucking on his hands!  I was changing is clothes every couple of hours.  No sign of teething yet but I'm keeping an eye out. 

For the past week I keep having dreams about being pregnant again.  When I left hospital some of the midwives told me I'd be back within 18 months.  When I did ask Dr J about when we could use our last frozen embryo, he told us to wait six to nine months for my body to recover and then try naturally for six months before coming back for a FET.  I was keen just to go straight to the FET.  After trying for two years, it seems almost impossible that we could fall pregnant naturally.  But Dr J has seen a lot of his patients use IVF for their first and then fall naturally for their second.  It seems a bit like a urban myth to me but it would be wonderful to get pregnant without any medical intervention.  I would like to have another baby within two years.  I'm only getting older and now that I'm thirty (which isn't really that old for another pregnancy), I can really hear my body clock ticking.