Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day and Progynova...

Happy Australia Day!!!  This is usually the day when Australian’s cook BBQs, play or watch cricket and share a beer with mates.  Well this year I’m actually home alone working on my assessment and baking up a storm!  BJ is out watching cricket and having some beers with a good friend so I’m taking the opportunity to finally finish this assessment that is due on Friday! 
Not only is it Australia Day but also the day I start Progynova three times a day.  I finished up on the pill on Sunday, and Tuesday I already felt less bloated!  I hate being on the pill and after taking it since before Christmas I was counting down the days until I could finish up.  Other than the Progynova I’m not taking anything else.  I’ve got my ultrasound booked for the 11th February and then the clinic will advise when I can start using the Progesterone Pessaries.
At this stage I’m sick of waiting for the next step.   I really just want to get to the transfer day already, make sure our little embryo survives and start thinking positive thoughts!  The clinic is now telling me, the transfer day might be Wednesday 16th February but I was hoping it would be the 14th February.  It just seems very romantic to “conceive” on Valentine’s Day!  
I’ve been pretty good of late, only having one alcoholic beverage since New Years and taking all my multivitamins.  My acupuncturist is back from leave this weekend so I’ll see him next week and I’ve even begun taking Maybe Baby’s super smoothie once a day, which you can find here!!  If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Trying to keep the faith...

I read my horoscope all the time but don’t usually take the predications to heart.  Usually they are too general or cryptic, but after reading my horoscope for February it really raised my spirits for my upcoming FET.  The horoscope read:
While others buckle under pressure, you know your efforts are worthwhile.  You work hard, but you could do with a breather.  So February feels like a welcome change, as you’ll benefit from passion and prosperity.  Until the 20th, long-held dreams start to materialise.  The reason they didn’t before was a lack of confidence, or resources.  What comes next is truly exciting.
I know it sounds like a bit of nonsense, but after the positive lift I got from it, I’m going to put it on my fridge and read it every day during the next couple of weeks.  Especially during the 2WW when my faith is really tested. 
To any other Virgos that are going through IVF or FET cycles in February I hope this raises your spirits too!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Flooding

During the past two months, Queensland has experienced some of worse flooding in thirty years.  Cutting off communities, properties and leaving people stranded.  Yesterday an Inland Tsunami went through Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, destroying homes, business and leaving ten people dead and nearly eighty people unaccounted for, so far.  Some of the footage and photos are absolutely terrifying with cars, petrol pumps and buildings being swept away in the torrent.
It hasn’t affected any of my immediate family, but some of my co-workers who live in the area have had their houses flooded and parents of a good friend have been evacuated from their home. 
Please keep these people and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting ahead of myself...

I always seem to get ahead of myself when it comes to fertility.  I did it before and during my first IVF cycle last year and I am finding myself doing it again this time.  It’s not always negative thoughts, like I wonder when I can go back for another cycle if this one is negative.  Sometimes it’s good thoughts, like I gladly won’t be able to drink for my 30th if I get pregnant this cycle.  But I don’t think doing this is a good idea as I seem to worry about things I can’t control.  I need to focus on being positive about this cycle and not getting ahead of myself.
Otherwise I’m getting really exciting about my FET.  I’ve booked my ultrasound appointment for the 11 February and have got my leave approved.   I should have the transfer on either the 14-15 February so I’m taking the day of the transfer off as well as a couple of days afterwards to spend time relaxing at home.  I’m still feeling positive about the whole cycle and hoping without the ‘trauma’ of an egg pick up that you have with a fresh cycle, my body will be more embryo friendly.  I’m just hoping one of my little embryos defrosts in good condition.  In other words I’m just doing a lot of hoping!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011...

Happy New Year!  We had a very quiet Christmas and an even quieter New Year and now I can’t believe the festive season is over for another year!  I live four hours away from my family and I can’t see them whenever I want so I really enjoy spending time with them during the holidays.  I especially love to spend time with my four year-old niece, who can be both a joy and a monster!  Santa brought me some wonderful gifts, including an ice-cream maker (heaven help my hips)! 
I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but after reading one of my favourite writer’s New Years column, I’ve decided to steel her idea about making Remotely Achievable Goals for 2011! 
So here’s my Remotely Achievable Goals 2011:
1.       Stay Positive – within all aspects of my life, but particularly fertility.  After our first failed IVF cycle, I believe that staying positive is a huge part of having a positive result!  With our upcoming FET in February I want to stay positive, not worry about work, or other people and enjoy what I’m hoping is the first step to holding my baby!
2.       Exercise More – for mind, body and soul.  I used to be an avid walker but with IVF cycles, holidays and Christmas I haven’t exercised for ages and need to get my butt into gear!
3.       Whinge less – focus more on what I’m doing and can do rather than what others are doing or not doing!
4.       Turn 30 gracefully – it’s not going to be easy but I’m turning 30 in August this year and with that my biological clock is getting louder and louder!  I’ve turned down requests to have a party and will be spending the day with BJ and my family.  I’m thinking about going away for a weekend to visit a good friend but I’ll see what the first six months bring before making too many plans.
I hope you all had an awesome New Years and may 2011 be your year!