Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Update...

Since Paddy was born, the only updates I've managed is participating in PAILs Monday Snapshots and Paddy's monthly updates. So here is a run down on how the rest of the family is doing. 

- James has been doing a lot better with his big boy bed. It seemed after he turned eighteen months, things just clicked for him and he understood the whole bed concept. At first we were using a gate to create a barrier in his room, once he went into his room for a sleep he didn't come out until said sleep was over. But we took down the gate a couple of weeks ago (it's weird but I've found the fact he could get out of the room at night something hard to get used to) and since we've had a couple of night visits (one night we even found him roaming the kitchen, looking for us we suspect) which is to be expected but otherwise it is going well. 

James is otherwise doing well in his role as big brother. We are currently trying to teach him not to throw toys at Paddy! His speech is improving and most of the time I can understand what he is trying to communicate. He knows around ten body parts and loves to show everyone his belly button! We have started potty training (slowly for now) and he did his first wee in the potty tonight before his bath. 

Loving his whipper snipper!

Hanging out in Poppy's tractor. 

- I've found after having baby #2 my body has bounced back pretty well. I'm a lot softer around the middle but my weight is pretty much what it was before falling pregnant with Paddy. One thing I do need to do is excerise more. My fitness is terrible and I would still like to lose a couple more kilos. I'm still BF so dieting is out for now, so excerising three times a week is my goal for now. It's just finding the time that I've had a problem with. I've put aside Sunday afternoons to walk with an old friend, it's great to catch up with her without kids plus getting a bit of excerise in the process. Now it's just setting aside two other times of the week to get in at least thirty minutes. That said, with a toddler to run around after I'm getting plenty of excerise just keeping up with James! 

- BJ has started needing to travel away for work again. Since changing career paths a few years ago, travelling away has always been part of his job. Usually spending a week away every month. Since the beginning of the year, with Paddy's birth, he was able to take a bit of time off from travelling but now he's had to start back up. The toughest time without him is the nighttime routine with the boys. He has been taking care of James while I focus on Paddy (especially since he is still nursing for up to forty minutes!) and then we are able to have both boys in bed by seven. Without him I have to juggle both kids and it can be pretty stressful.

- Last year I announced my sister was pregnant after trying for nearly two years (she already has a six year old girl) and in December she had another little girl. We found out over the weekend that she is expecting again! She always wanted three kids and I'm so excited for her!

Baby cousins

So that should bring you up to date with most of what's been going on around here. To sign off here are a couple more photos of my boys. 


  1. Great to hear an update on how everyone is doing! Sounds like James is doing so well with his big boy bed. I still can't even imagine Lids in a big bed and being able to walk around!! I would freak out! :/ I guess it probably isn't too far off now though. Love all the photos. Paddy is such a handsome chunky boy!!! And James continues to turn into such a little boy. Both gorgeous children! Congrats to your sister on baby #3 on the way!

  2. What great pictures! I love the one of James in the tractor!