Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Festive update...

This past month we've had some more sickness, blood tests, big boy beds and a very merry Christmas!

For the past month or so, James has had a cough and runny nose. Since he started daycare a couple of months ago everyone kept telling us he was going to be sick and since he was also teething I didn't think anything of it until the coughing became an everyday occurrence. It really breaks your heart to hear your little one coughing for fifteen minutes or struggling to breath through their nose. So I made an appointment to get everything checked out. After a chest x-ray, a small spot was found on James' lung to indicate the beginning of pneumonia. The doctor also found James was wheezing when he breathed. I'm so glad we got it investigated when we did. It could have been so much worse. After three rounds of antibiotics and an asthma puffer twice a day the cough has cleared up and his eating has improved immensely. James had lost 500g (1.1lb) the previous month which doesn't seem like a lot but for a little guy who only weights 8kg (17.6lb) it was something else we were worried about. He has now gained that weight back and is more energetic than ever!

It was that time of my pregnancy where I needed to have some blood work done to test for gestational diabetes amongst other things. Thankfully everything came back normal! Trout has turned since the last time I saw Dr J, so now he/she is head down and starting to move into position. I think Dr J is a bit worried that I might go into labour early since he asked me three times if I was doing any more travel until my due date. Now that Christmas is over I'll be staying at home until Trout makes his/her arrival. Here is an updated photo of me at 28 weeks. Yes that is a toy box in my bathroom. James isn't walking yet instead just walks everything not nailed down, around the house!

Since we don't want to buy another cot for Trout we've brought a big boy bed for James. But he looks so tiny in it! So it won't be such a huge change for him once the baby is here, we've already started putting James down for naps in the big boy bed with mixed results. If he is really tired and ready for sleep he's great. But if James is a bit restless he thinks it a big game and won't settle down. I was hoping to have him transitioned into his own room a couple of weeks before the baby's arrival so it didn't seem like we were pushing him out which I still think is achievable. I'll keep you updated on his progress. I've attached a photo of him napping too cute!

We had a terrific Christmas which included some time down at my parents beach house. James got to spend some time in the water enjoying the sunshine. Here is my little guy showing Dadda how to ride a four wheeler. As a side note James' only ride on the bike was while it was stationary. He's still too little for me to let him have a ride, even in the very safe hands of BJ.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted!


  1. Oh my gosh he looks so tiny and adorable in his big boy bed!! That is one thing we are trying to figure out; do we get a second crib or move Chloe? Her crib is one that transitions so we had intended on keeping her in it as she grows, but we'll see. So glad you caught his pneumonia early!! It is awful to hear the little ones sick. And you look fantastic mama!

  2. Such a cutie with that blonde hair in that big bed! So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait until Trout makes his/her arrival!


  3. You are looking wonderful!!! Oh my goodness, look at him in the big boy bed! That is amazing that he will even sleep some of the time in it. There is no way Alidia would be even close to ready for that. I love the photo of him. He does look so tiny... but he'll be the big brother soon!! :)

    So sorry about the sickness! :( So glad you were able to catch it early on and he is doing better now.