Sunday, January 13, 2013

And then he kissed me...

As a parent (maybe more so as a mother) you seem to cop your fair amount of poo, pee, vomit, snot, water, food, juice etc, as a daily occurrence. It's just part and parcel of being a parent (or even a carer, Aunty etc).

Yesterday I had already had poo up to my elbows, because my fourteen month old won't lay still on the change table and food wiped over my shirt. So when I offered James a drink of water, he took a mouthful and spat it out (charming I know) I ended up with the lot all over my arms and second shirt. Five minutes before we were leaving home, of course.

I said to him, "why is it I always seem to get your poo, pee, food, spit all over me?" His reply was a little kiss right on my lips, no teeth or anything. The sweetest kiss I've ever had. I suppose I can take a little bit of my son's bodily fluids if the rewards are always so sweet.


  1. Isn't it the best thing ever?!? Alidia had been doing some big open mouth kisses before but just whenever she felt like it but this month she started REALLY giving us proper sweet little kisses and when we ask for them... we can't get enough of them. It is the sweetest thing ever. Enjoy your sweet boy's kisses! :)

  2. LOVE!!! Those moments are the best! :) And now I'm singing that song. "and then he kissed me."

  3. Ahh, this post made me smile (well, just the end part and his picture). He is so gosh darn cute!! And those kisses will melt your heart in an instant, won't they?