Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How do you fill your day...

As per my last post (TVT...) I went into work for a visit and to discuss when I would be returning. I confirmed with my new manager that October is still when I wanted to return and at this stage it would be full-time. I did tell him that I was considering part-time work but would let them know if my preference changed. My manager is a young guy and I think was just trying to butter me up and even suggested bringing James into the office while I worked if I didn't want to leave him! Could you imagine working in a professional office with a one year old? I don't think so! In the mean time they would hire a temp in my position until my return. Apparently my replacement wasn't working anyway so they are glad she is finishing up.

While I was at work it was great to see all my work mates, some I hadn't seen since before James was born. They were all excited to meet my little man and he was very well behaved. A question that came up a few times was, "How are you filling your days"? While for some people this would be insulting (that raising and taking care of a five month old isn't enough what else am I supposed to be doing???), for me I found the question hard to answer. How was I filling my days???

Most days are spent feeding, changing, playing, reading to and cuddling James. I don't spend a lot of time out visiting people as most people I know are working and walking around a shopping centre (mall) for hours on end doesn't appeal to either James or I. Other than walking around the block, going to James' check-ups or the odd mother's group catch-up I don't really get out of the house. I think this is why I'm getting excited about starting swimming classes and I'm also going to start going to the local library once a week for a baby rhyme time. How do you fill your days?


  1. I'm with you...it's hard to explain that entertaining a 6 month old is so time consuming! I run to the grocery store, prep for dinner, feed Aiden, shower when he sleeps, we go to the gym and sometimes for a walk!

  2. I used to find that the days when our daughter was little would fly by... and I often wouldn't do anything specific. Just having precious time together was special :) xoxo