Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day and Progynova...

Happy Australia Day!!!  This is usually the day when Australian’s cook BBQs, play or watch cricket and share a beer with mates.  Well this year I’m actually home alone working on my assessment and baking up a storm!  BJ is out watching cricket and having some beers with a good friend so I’m taking the opportunity to finally finish this assessment that is due on Friday! 
Not only is it Australia Day but also the day I start Progynova three times a day.  I finished up on the pill on Sunday, and Tuesday I already felt less bloated!  I hate being on the pill and after taking it since before Christmas I was counting down the days until I could finish up.  Other than the Progynova I’m not taking anything else.  I’ve got my ultrasound booked for the 11th February and then the clinic will advise when I can start using the Progesterone Pessaries.
At this stage I’m sick of waiting for the next step.   I really just want to get to the transfer day already, make sure our little embryo survives and start thinking positive thoughts!  The clinic is now telling me, the transfer day might be Wednesday 16th February but I was hoping it would be the 14th February.  It just seems very romantic to “conceive” on Valentine’s Day!  
I’ve been pretty good of late, only having one alcoholic beverage since New Years and taking all my multivitamins.  My acupuncturist is back from leave this weekend so I’ll see him next week and I’ve even begun taking Maybe Baby’s super smoothie once a day, which you can find here!!  If you have any other suggestions please let me know.