Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

In Queensland (Australia) Christmas looks like a ton of rain and hot, humid days!  But I love Christmas, especially since this year it will be spent with my family!  BJ and I have alternate Christmas’ with our families since my family live four hours away.  So we will travel down to Mum and Dad’s on Christmas Eve and spend the next week hanging out with family, eating and playing cards!  My favourite part of Christmas, besides the presents (giving and receiving) is the food.  It’s a great excuse to eat all the goodies that I usually keep at a distance during the year.  And it’s also a great excuse to make all the goodies!  This year I’ve already made three batches of rum balls, two batches of mini puddings and a gingerbread house!!!
In saying that, since my FET is in early February 2011, I need to start eating better and stop drinking.  Not the easiest thing to do around the holidays but I’d give up chocolate and beer forever if it meant making my baby dreams come true!
In more fertility news, AF has started so I’m on the pill until the 26 January 2011. I’m excited that my cycles have come back to normal so quickly after the IVF, as I know some girls have problems that can cause delays with their subsequent treatments.   I’m also excited to get moving with the FET as I feel good about our chances, I just hope our little guy defrosts well enough to transfer.   I know FET chances are slimmer that IVF, has anybody got any good results from FET to boost my spirits???
Since this will be my last post until 2011, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year.  And in the words of “999 reasons to laugh at infertility”:
You can’t change what happened last year but you will dive into 2011 stronger, more hopeful and determined than ever before.
Infertility, we are going to kick your ass this year! Be afraid.

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