Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catch Up

Hello, I’m a long time reader, first time blogger!  Just a bit of information about me to get you caught up.  As my profile states, BJ and I have been TTC since October 2008.  We sought professional help through a GP after around six months because I knew something was wrong.  My cycles had always been regular and I had been tracking my temperature showing clear ovulation around day 14/15.  BJ was the first to be tested and bingo, a hurdle.  Even though his sperm count was normal, his little fellows weren’t in the best shape for swimming.   So he started all the conventional things to help men out, boxers or commando instead of jocks, taking multivitamins, he isn’t a smoker so that wasn’t a factor, no warm spas etc. 
After another six months BJ was tested again, with no change.  I decided we needed professional help so we were referred to a Fertility Specialist.  More testing for BJ was in order and I was booked in for ultrasounds and blood tests.  BJ’s results showed no improvement, no surprise there.  My blood tests came back all normal but my ultrasounds showed a growth off my uterus which would need to be removed.  So I was booked in for a laparoscopy and die test, two weeks before Christmas.  During the laparoscopy the growth was successfully removed, a small amount of endometriosis was removed and the die tests came back normal.
After another six months we went back to the FS and were told, with BJ’s problems and since we’d been trying for this long, IVF would be our only chance of conceiving.  I had already starting thinking down this track for a while so it didn’t come as a shock for me but BJ was devastated.  He kept saying sorry and it was his fault but as far as I was concerned it was our problem and we had to deal with it together. 
So in October this year (two years after we started TTC) we went through our first round of IVF.  Apart from the result (a BFN) and the 2WW, the whole experience brought us closer together.  BJ was great administering all my injections (I’m not crazy about needles), calming me down when we found out I only had seven follicles, looking after me after the egg pick up and celebrating with me when six out of eight eggs fertilised!  BJ was so proud when we got the good news especially since the fertility group didn’t even have to use ICSI.  After five days, six turned into three and I had one embryo transferred, and two put on ice.  My transfer went well and we were so excited that this would finally be it.  But I started bleeding heavily nine days later and a negative result was confirmed with a blood test. 
We were totally upset, as we held such high expectations but continue to remain positive with the help of our two frosties.  We had the option to have a FET in November but we had already booked a holiday for the same time, so we head back for the FET in February 2011. 

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