Sunday, December 19, 2010

Belly Envy and other things

I have belly envy.  Everywhere I go I’m always checking out other woman’s bellies.  It’s a vicious cycle that usually goes something like this...
I’m at the supermarket/walking hounddog/picking up dinner and there is a woman (aged anywhere from 16-60), I check out their tummy and (I swear) nine times out of ten they’ve got a giant belly!  I feel so jealous, ask myself why can’t that be me, then I start to think maybe they also went through infertility and they have finally got their BFP, then I feel bad.  I told you, a vicious cycle!  It’s funny how you can’t get something, baby, house, good job and everybody seems to have it but you!
In saying that, I don’t feel jealous when I see a baby or small children???  Maybe it’s because I always think if I hold a baby, play with a child that something good will rub off onto me?  Does anybody else feel like this or am I wired wrong??
In fertility news, I’m back on the wagon in preparation for the FET in February.  I had my first acupuncture session since the BFN.  It was great, for a needle freak, I really enjoy going to acupuncture.  It’s an hour that I get to myself to relax.  I usually visualise myself pregnant, getting the baby’s room ready, telling my parents the good news etc.  There were a couple of differences from the last time I had seen him.  For one, I asked him to treat me for stress as well.  I’ve never had a stress problem, but found with my IVF treatment last time, I had to deal with a higher amount of stress at work.  So I was nervous with my FET, this time around, that any stress may affect the treatment, so I’ve asked him to help me with that.  The other thing was he has prescribed two Dang Gui & Peony Formula twice a day.  I’m happy to try anything to help me out but has anybody else taken these type of Chinese herbs before? 

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