Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who needs it...?

Part of my plans for 2014, were to spruce up our house and get organised (and stay organised). Since posting my commitments, SRB from Veggie Sausages has started an awesome incentive for us all to start de-cluttering our lives, and start getting our space back. Who needs it? We probably all have an area (or several) in our lives that needs a clean out and reorganise. This is the place to start. 
My list of areas to clean out are as follows:

Dining room cupboard
Linen cupboard
Kitchen cupboards
Bathroom cupboard
Under the bed
Kids cupboards
To start off I want to get the dining room cupboard and kids cupboards cleaned out before I head back to work (28 January). This is the dining room cupboard as it stands today:

There is a heap of old applicances, board games and boxes sitting in there waiting for me to clean them out. Hopefully I'll be able to reclaim some of this space back.
It's hard to work out where to start since a lot of the rooms need to be done at the same time. Like, some of the appliances from this cupboard, could go into the kitchen cupboards once they are cleaned out but I need to clean the kitchen cupboards out first. Oh well, if at least we can start then I can work out those minor details later. The key step is to start with an area and finish it. One bite of the elephant at a time!

If you would like to join the crusade to clean out, please following this link to head over to Veggie Sausages!


  1. Glad to see you are joining the challenge!

  2. Excited to see you in the challenge too! :) Good luck!!

  3. Hey! I am just seeing this post from your email! This is great. I still need to make a LIST but O! The denial! Excited to follow along as I have a similar cupboard. :?