Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ten months...

Dear Patchy

We finally have a tooth and it looks like the second one is just under your gums ready to push through too. You handled the teething business pretty well and I'm not sure if we've just been blessed with good tethers or there is something to the Amber braclets you and James wear.

In a few days you will have your first Christmas. We've had the tree and other Christmas decorations up now since the beginning of the month and you (and James) love to watch the lights and dance along to the singing Christmas dog your Grandparents brought. I love this time of the year and now with you and James sharing in our traditions, it just makes it all that much sweeter. 

Patrick, you continue to commando crawl and pull yourself up on things. We've even had to lower your cot to the lowest setting since you had started standing up and playing with the window blinds!

You continue to be a terrific eater and will give anything a go. It's great to be able to try new foods with you as you get older. At the moment you love banana, apple, weet-bix, Vegemite toast, most mashed up veggies, yogurt, and even stone fruit! You also love to munch on chicken drumsticks and lamb cutlets! 

We were having trouble with your daytime sleeps last month. You would go down okay but would only sleep for half an hour. By the end of the day you were so tired and really cranky. So I looked at your daytime routine and tinkered a bit with your nap times in the hope this would lengthen the amount of time you were sleeping for. After a couple of weeks it seems like we have figured it out, at least for the time being! You usually wake up around 6am (or a bit later, if I'm lucky), your first nap is around 9:30 (after a book and bottle) and you are  pretty tired by this stage. You sleep until 10:30. Then your second nap is after lunch, more books and another bottle and then sleep at 1pm. For this nap you are usually not really that tired but you will just talk to yourself for around ten-fifteen minutes before failing asleep until 3pm. During this nap, James also has his sleep, which means Mumma gets a whole hour to herself (if she's lucky) to have lunch, start dinner, clean up and sometimes even do a bit of reading. You have dinner by 5:15pm (any later and you are getting too tired to sit for dinner) and you and your brother are in bed by 7pm. 

Keep going strong little man, looking forward to your first Christmas!

Love always
Your Mumma xxxooo

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