Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eleven months...

Dear Patchy

ELEVEN MONTHS!!! Holy guacamoley!!! How are you eleven months already?!?!?! Plans for your first birthday have been in the works for ages and the invites went out a couple of weeks ago. It's a Very Hung.ry Cater.pillar theme and I'm really excited about the whole day. All our families should be coming into town and we are going to have an afternoon tea at our favourite park. 

This month we had your first Christmas, which was a lovely day. We had breakfast at our place and all of your Dad's family came over to open presents and have breakfast. Your Dad and I were up early to get everything ready but you and James slept until 6:30am! Santa brought you a couple of little presents and a new cubby house! You love to stand at the kitchen and play with hot plates and look out the windows. We spent the majority of the day at home just the four of us. We went over to your Uncle's house for an early dinner before heading home again. It was a lovely casual day in the heat!

This month you have started to crawl on your hands and knees, which makes you a lot quicker. You are continuing to get into everything including drawers, cupboards and anything else that is the right height. 

On Christmas we noticed your two front teeth have come through, again without much fuss. Your second bottom tooth is kind of half out, half still in for now. You love using your teeth to pull apart fruit or bread but watch out if you have your fingers anywhere near your mouth because you're likely to get bitten!

You have started daycare this week and like most things in your life, you are handling it so well. We are so lucky. You love playing with all the new toys and other babies. On your second day the carers had a photo of you and James talking to each other through the back glass door of the babies room. It was so sweet to see you interacting with one enother, outside of our home. 

Trying to get your monthly photos has become quite a challenge, you never sit (or lay) still!

Happy eleven months little man! Only one more month until we can celebrate your first birthday!!!

Love Mumma 

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  1. Wow, only one more month until the big birthday!! Exciting! :) He is such an adorable little guy... and seems so relaxed and happy! And holy cow, I can't believe how old James looks in that final photo. Wow!