Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where's the beef...

I think James is going to be a vegetarian.

We have been struggling with James' sleep for a couple of months. He was doing really well after we started solids. Going down for naps during the day and sleeping through the night. Just look out for his tired signs, put him in his cot and he would be out like a light. It was a miracle! Then six weeks ago he started to need more and more help to get to sleep. Then the naps went out the window and now sleeping through the night is a thing of the past. The Party Animal was back! 3am is the time for partying, even if you don't RSVP you still get the wake up call.

So last weekend I'd had enough. We had to do something, something was wrong and I needed to fix it. I'm not ready for any type of sleep training yet but he could sleep before so what was different. I decided to look as his diet. A lot of babies in my mothers group had started protein so I thought James might be ready for a bit of meat in his diet. The ladies had reported the same sleeping problems had occurred with their little ones and once they added a bit of meat to their diet, hey presto back to sleeping through the night.

I began researching different recipes and came across one for chicken and one for beef that were pretty easy and used things I already had at home. He already loves all types of veggies so most of the recipe is just cooking the meat and veggies then mashing it all up.

So the big cook off started. The recipes made a large batch that would be four or five meals so I could freeze them. I felt very excited to be offering new flavours to my little guy and was looking forward to seeing him gulping them down. On Tuesday for lunch I gave James his chicken, rice and veggies. He hated it. It tasted good to me but when James gave it a go he spat it all out. So I tried again on Wednesday, the same thing. Luckily the dog liked it so Hounddog got some snacks.

I tried the beef today still no good. It tastes great to me and I know he loves the veggies that I've used because these are the back up meals he has.

So I think he's going to be a vegetarian. Oh well, we'll try the meat again next week and in the mean time I'll continue to party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!


  1. We haven't tried meat with Chloe yet except a bite of turkey off our plates. I wonder how she will take to it? I hope something works though to get your good sleeper back!

  2. Hahahaha... You make me laugh soo hard!! Griffin does the same thing too with the sleep regression. I wish I could figure it out :(. What recipes are you using? I'd love to try something new for my little man! I love that we have little boys pretty much the same age!


  3. I need to try meat...Hope you guys find something that works and James will get back to sleeping better. Have you googled the "Wonder Weeks"? I swear every time Aiden went through one his sleep and naps went out the window, but we eventually got them back.

  4. Wow... I never thought about the link b/n sleep and meat ! Worth a try without it again.. then try again at a later date. FXd your sleeping gets back on track xoxo