Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Party animal...

When I met (and then married) BJ, I knew he was a party animal.  He loves catching up with friends or family over drinks or dinner.  He is a very social person which helps him in his job as a salesman.  Apparently even when he was a baby he always wanted to the centre of attention and never wanted to go to bed.  Unfortunately it seems his son is the same way. 

Over the past couple of weeks James has not wanted to go to sleep after his bedtime feed.  Since we brought him home, we have used a bedtime routine where he has a bath/shower, a feed and a book then bed.  Now after his feed, he just wants to play or be held, sometimes not going to bed until an hour and a half after his 'dinner'.  During the day he is fine, I can usually read his tired signs and get him down for a nap. But this not wanting to go to sleep at night is, surprisingly, making me really stressed.  This isn’t good for anyone.

I didn't realise how hard or stressful it would be to get him to sleep. I don't mind him being up and I love spending time with him, but I also don't want to get into the habit of having to rock him to sleep or have him cry to sleep (why is this always the advice from Grandparents or older people???).   But he makes it up to me by (once he is asleep) sleeping until 6am!

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  1. How wonderful that he sleeps so well for you once he is asleep! We had the same problem with Griffin. Once we thought that we had a really good schedule going for him, HE would up and change it around on us :).

    Good luck!