Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two months...

The one thing people told me over and over again during my pregnancy was, "Time will fly".  And it sure has!  I can't believe James is already two months old!  He has nearly doubled his weight since birth and therefore already grown out of his newborn/0000 clothes, which I thought was a little bit sad.

He has been sleeping from 7pm until around 4am for the past week, which I've been grateful for.  Sometimes after his 6pm feed he fights sleep which is frustrating because you know he is tired but I can't complain too much.  James loves his hands and is consistently putting them in his mouth, even while I try to burp him or he is on is tummy.

James is more active now, legs and arms are always flying around, and he has started making some cute "talking" noises.  He can hold his head up while on his tummy for ages (which is probably really only 30 seconds) and has a good look around.  He loves bath time and taking showers with BJ.  He loves the feeling of the water while taking a shower.  No matter what mood he is in, once he is in the shower and feels the water, his whole face lights up.

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  1. Look at those gorgeous eyes!! What a sweet baby you have! And you are so right about how fast time flies. Before you know it, our babies will be asking to borrow the car :).