Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eight months...

Dear Patch

Once again I'm late for your monthly post. Did you know that I was born TEN days after my due date (something your Nanna reminds me of every year!), therefore I was destined to be late for everything in life but have a great excuse!

But back to your eighth month. Wow little guy you are moving now! You have worked out rolling plus doing a bit of pushing with your legs can get you most places. And your hand-eye coordination has improved out of sight, with most things left on the floor straight in your mouth! 

You've had a couple of firsts this month. Now that's getting warmer we have started swimming lessons! You loved your first time in a pool! Unfortunately the second and third times didn't go so great but you'll get better!

This month we moved you out of the capsule into a rear-facing car seat. You can see around you so much better, which means little conversations with your big brother and giggles coming from the back seat. Enough to make your Mumma's heart melt!

And lastly it was the first time you tried formula. We'll start weaning at the end of November and I'm nearly out of expressed breastmilk. So one Saturday when I had to go out, Dadda gave you your first taste of formula. You drank it down with no problems! Such a relief! I'm always worried about tampering with things like food and getting a bad reaction but you were great. So now we will go down the weaning path in less than a month, when you are around nine months and hopefully be finished by the end of the year. I don't like to rush so it's easy on both of us. A little part of me is looking forward to having my body back for the first time in nearly years (longer if you include TTC) but there is a little sadness since you'll be the last baby I'll nurse and that part of my life is over. 

You continue to be a great eater, happy to eat what ever we put in front of you. Such a change from your brother. We've tried most proteins and vegetables and now are moving up to have a small bit of our family dinners so you get a taste of what you'll be eating once you get teeth!

Your sleep continues to be good too with just the odd night of restlessness. Usually due to congestion, you just can't seem to shake the stuffy nose and phlem build up. Naps are good one week and ordinary the next depending upon when you wake up in the morning. Usually around 6am, since that's when Dadda gets up but sometimes you are up as early as 5:30am! You usually have two naps a day, anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours long. You are a thumb sucker, just like James, and prefer to sleep on your tummy or side. 

The interactions between you and your brother continue to grow with James giving you plenty of kisses and cuddles or giving you a toy to play with. You just love your big brother and are happy to sit and watch him run around with a big grin on your face!

You are such a gorgeous smiley guy and a lovely baby. I can't wait to see what the next month brings as you get closer to the big 1!!!

Love always

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  1. Ahh, conversations in the back seat between brothers…so cute!! Isn’t it crazy how much these little guys adore their older siblings? I could watch Drake stare (and sometimes laugh) at Chloe all day long.