Thursday, September 26, 2013

Seven months...

Dear Patchy McPatch

Wow, seven months have gone since you unexpectedly came early and time has really flown. You have started to grab and hold toys over the past month or two without me even noticing. Happy to chew or wave your toys around once you get your pudgy hands on them. One minute you were helplessly batting things around and the next you are grabbing toys, hair and whatever comes into your view with real purpose.

You are now an expect at rolling and have also begun to pull yourself along to get into mischief or to get a toy. I can't put you down for a second before you start rolling away to follow your brother.  Your rolling was causing some sleep disruptions a few weeks ago, which have (hopefully) worked themselves out. 

You are sitting up by yourself more and love to see the world from a different view. You can't sit for long yet but we're working on your strength. You like sitting in your high chair rather than your, your brother was the same way. 

You have been sick again this month, catching the flu from James. Your stuffy nose has been bothering you for the past two weeks and we had a couple of restless nights when you couldn't breath through your nose. You absolutely hate the saline and sucker but it works to clear your nose, so Mumma will keep using it. 

Breastfeeding is going great and we still have a couple more EBM feeds in the freezer to use before we start weaning in two months. Solids are going well too and this month we have added meat to your dinners. So far you have had beef (steak and mince), chicken, lamb and pork. I've also added more green veggies to your purées. Now that you are sitting up well and holding objects, we'll start with more finger food. 

Can't wait to see what next month brings!

Love you lots

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  1. My gosh, these two are soooo similar!!! What adorable boys you make! :) Sounds like Patrick is at a very fun age!