Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Monday Snapshot...

I don't get out much. With two little boys it seems too daunting at the moment to get out of the house with both of them. So my outings are restricted to the weekends when BJ is not working. The times I've gone out by myself are mostly to get groceries (not my idea of a fun trip out of the house).

So when an old friend asked if I wanted to go to a food and wine festival, I jumped at the chance to get out among adults doing something I enjoy - eating and drinking! We had a great time sampling food we had never eaten before (duck) and also food we looooove (double choc brownies). We also gave our opinion on some of the wine and cider they had available.

It was a lovely sunny warm day here, for Autumn, so a hat was a must. Here is my fedora and tasting glass as well as a photo of my two little guys! Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. So glad you got out for this! It sounds lovely! :) Love your hat. And your boys are just adorable!!