Monday, March 7, 2011

Five weeks...

Five weeks down, thirty-five (hopefully) to go!  I've got another blood test on Wednesday which will hopefully go well.  My six and a half week scan has been extended out to eight weeks due to BJ's work schedule.  I wish it was earlier but it's important to have BJ with me and I think he was worried I'd go without him, poor guy!  So my first scan is on Monday 28th March, which at the moment seems like a lifetime away but I'm sure it will go by in a flash. 

On the weekend we went and visited my family for my cousin’s engagement party.  My family live four hours south and I haven't seen them since New Year’s so it was lovely to catch up with them.  It was going to be either an alcohol hazed weekend pity party or yay I'm pregnant and now the designated driver for the next twelve months party.  Thankfully it was the latter! 

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  1. I used to hate being the DD... now I long for that time again :)) Only 20 days to go... it'll pass so quickly - look after yourself and cherish every moment along the way. This is such a special time xoxo