Saturday, February 19, 2011

100% Perfect...

Well our little bundle is in the oven and now the wait starts.  We had a great day yesterday.  All along my greatest concern was going to be defrosting one of the embryos but I shouldn't have worried.  When Patrick, our embryologist said that they only had to defrost one of embryos and it didn't have any cell loss, it was a awesome relief.  We still have one frostie left and we have, as Patrick put it, a 100% perfect embryo! 

Now the hard stuff starts, the 2WW.  Last time BJ had to go away for work in the last week of the 2WW and without him I did start to get a bit down when it came to the end of our wait.  Especially because I had started to bleed heavily two days before the test, and in my heart I knew our little guy didn't stick around.  But this time he has cleared his schedule and will be here.  I've taken off the next three days of work so I can just relax around home and watch DVDs or read, which is another change we've made.  Last time I went back to work straight away so I'm going to enjoy this time off!

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