Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

Every Easter we head to my parents beach house for the weekend. It's not the flashiest house but it does have a toilet, shower and hot running water. There aren't any bedrooms so we convert the lounge room, dining room and any other patch of floor as a place to sleep. We do have a bunk bed the older kids sleep in, a roll out mattress my sister, brother in law and three month old baby sleep in, a futon BJ and I sleep in, my parents sleep in the only permanent bed and two portacots the babies sleep in. No wonder there isn't much room left!

We didn't go at Easter time last year because Patch was only six weeks old but we did go down in June last year, so it wasn't the first time both boys had been but it was the first time they were both walking and talking. It was great, especially watching James. He wanted to participant in everything that was going on! He's still a bit small to ride in the boat yet but he did go for a couple of tractor rides with Poppy and his seven year old cousin. And both boys loved just sitting in the tractor and pretending to drive it!

We had the whole family together (the first time since my Nanna's funeral in January) including my nieces who are seven and one and my three month old nephew.  That means in the house we had five kids and six adults, while my brother and his girlfriend camped outside. So you can imagine how difficult it was during the night, once one baby woke up their cry would wake one of the other babies up. But we only had one rough night and the days were great.

I can't wait until next year when all the kids are just that bit older and we can go in the boat and go fishing off the beach!