Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nine months...

Hello Patch

I've had some technical problems which is why your ninth month is late. Hopefully these are all resolved now and you're tenth month will be on time!

You're ninth month has been a big one. Plenty of things going on with you and the family, with a few firsts. 

Your physical development has again grown in leaps and bounds, which blows my mind because it seems like you are doing things a lot faster and earlier than your brother but looking back through James baby book, and you guys are nearly the same age for each milestone. You do seem to perfect things a lot faster than your brother though and I put that down to spending more time left to your own devices. Your brother does take up a lot of my time (energy, patience :-)) and sorry to admit but you do get left on the floor to play by yourself a little bit. I'm so thankful that we have two days a week when James is daycare, that we get to spend one-on-one. Even though it does cost a little bit to send him to daycare, I do enjoy the "break" from toddlerhood and it's great to enjoy this time with you before I head back to work. 

You started commando crawling at the start of the month and have become very quick. Before I knew it you were crawling, sitting by yourself and now pulling yourself up on things. Mostly James' train table or your play table. You love this new view on the world and love to bash and grab anything in your reach. 

You also love making noise with anything in your grasp and seeing how it works. Whether it's rolling a toy car along the floor or pushing buttons on a noisy toy to start the music, your are exploring every inch of your world. 

You and your brother and becoming more adorable by the day. But this also comes with it's own hazards, as James works out how rough is too rough to play. I consistently need to remind him not to lay on top of you for a hug or not to grab you too hard around the neck when he comes in for a kiss. Now that you can move around, you are also starting to play with James' toys that are laying around. Even if James isn't playing with his toy, he will fly over and snatch it off you. I try to explain sharing to him but he doesn't seem to care and it usually ends with taking the toy away from you both. One of those things that will just take time. James does like to give you toys especially if you're upset, which is very sweet. 

This month you have also started teething, with your first bottom tooth right under the surface. It's been pushing up under your gum for the past week and I'm hanging out for it to appear. I can't get over how much drool you produce with these teeth!!

Only another three months until you turn the big one! Time is flying too fast!

Love always

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