Sunday, July 28, 2013

Five months...

My dear Paddy

You spent the first two weeks of this month with the flu. It's so sad listening to you try and sleep with a blocked nose. I'm glad you and your brother finally don't have runny noses. It's nice not to have to wipe someone's nose every five minutes but it's also nice not to have to worry about either of you catching something off one another. 

You are starting to drool up a storm this month, around the same age as James. I'm pretty sure teeth are still a few months away (as James was eight months by the time he got his first tooth) but you have been welcomed into the world of bibs already. 

We have been experimenting with solid food this month but you are more inclined spit out the food than swallow it. I haven't been forcing solid food with you, just trying a bit of whatever I have in the fridge, steamed and puréed of course, as I'm more eager to try baby lead weaning with you. I did around 50/50, BLW and purée with James and I really think it improved his motor skills especially using a fork and spoon. 

You have finally started to roll from your back to front and visa versa. This came at such a shock to all of us, including you! It's great to see you start to move around as you begin to learn more about the world around you. Sitting up is still going well, you love to look around while sitting up, especially at your big brother. You like the and can sit for a few minutes before needing a break. You also love to grab your toys while sitting and give them a good chew. 

We are starting to have more hits than misses with your sleeping through the night so I hope you keep it up. I think we have worked out your day naps for now and most days I can coordinate your big sleep to coincide with James' sleep during the day so I can catch up on some housework or just sit in the peace and quiet for a little while. 

You are just the sweetest baby and you love cuddles with anyone. Stay sweet my little man. 

Your Mumma

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  1. He is adorable!! And WOW, can't believe how much he is starting to look like his big brother in those last ones! :)