Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday Snapshot...

Over the weekend I put up the Christmas Tree during one of James' naps (while BJ supervised). I originally wasn't going to because I was worried about James pulling on the tree and it falling on top of him. Paranoid much?!?!

But BJ talked me into it so we placed it on a small table with his toy box at the base as a bit of a buffer. Once James woke up he put the finishing touch on it.

Here is James (with the help of BJ) putting the star on top of the tree!

And I shouldn't have worried about him pulling the tree down, for the time being he's happy to point and smile at the tree, and other Christmas ornaments I have around the house. So adorable!

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  1. That's a great picture! Glad he's not messing with the tree. I wish that were the case at our house... :)

  2. I love that sweet picture!!


  3. This is such a sweet photo!!! :) I was really worried about Alidia and the tree too because I thought she would pull it down and pull everything off it, but she has actually been great with it. The cats on the otherhand... ahhh!!!!

    PS - This is Fiona but I moved my blog to Wordpress so my name now shows up as palmtreemama here.

  4. So sweet! And I had to laugh... I crocheted a long and strong dark green line of yarn (so it matches the tree) that we wrap around the trunk every year, and then attach it to the ceiling with a strong hook... totally just to make sure the tree doesn't fall down on our kids. LOL. Yeah, paranoia is my best friend! :)