Monday, August 22, 2011

29 weeks...

Where has the time gone???  I'm already 29 weeks and only have a few more days until I turn the big 3-0!  I'm super excited about my birthday!  For one, I love getting presents, nearly as much as I love giving them to people and BJ has something special planned!  And two, we are heading off for a long weekend down to Melbourne to visit good friends who have just announced they are also expecting their first bubba!  All very exciting. 
As for Frostie, everything is going along great.  His/her movements have started to get stronger and more frequent during the evening.  We start our fortnightly Dr appointments next week and we also have our specialist appointment to check Frostie's heart next Wednesday (Finally!).  After initially being a bit concerned about the scan, I must admit after doing some research and speaking with some people I didn't realise how common it was, so I'm really just looking forward to seeing Frostie again.
We started our antenatal classes last week.  Everyone is a first time parent so we all had a good nervous laugh about some of the birthing positions and some people had some great questions that I hadn't even thought of.  We also had a tour of the birth suits and maternity ward rooms which was also good.  We even had a look at the nursery but all the babies were out with their mammas.  We have another three weeks to go, this week is the birth video and pain relief which really go hand in hand!
How far along: 29 weeks and one day
Total weight change: +5kg
Maternity clothes: The majority of the time, since it's still getting pretty cool I'm able to get away with jumpers and work out pants
Stretch Marks: Not yet
Movement: Stronger movements especially at night time
Sleep: Still loving the sleep and after going to antenatal class I'm realising how lucky I am to be sleeping so well this far into the pregnancy.  A lot of the ladies in the class were having trouble getting and staying asleep so I'm very happy Frostie is allowing me to getting heaps of sleep.  Hopefully he or she will be this kind in a few months!
Best Moment This Past Week: Starting antenatal classes and realising we have less than three months to go!
Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Nothing to report
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but shallower
Cravings/Aversions: Anything sweet, doesn't help that I already have a massive sweet tooth!
Symptoms: Stronger movements
What I'm Looking Forward To: My birthday and a weekend away!


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. Happy Early Birthday! So glad to hear that everything is going great and I pray that it continues for you!

    Lots of Love