Sunday, April 3, 2011

Off the drugs...

At our appointment with Dr J last week, apart from the good news about Frostie hanging around, he also told me I could stop taking the progynova and progesterone from nine weeks, which is today!  Having to shove progesterone up your woo woo twice a day for seven weeks is such a pain, with a purpose I know, but still a pain.  And it puts a real damper on your sex life, that's for sure (TMI??).  So I'm glad to report that from today I'm just taking the normal pregnancy supplements, which I'm happy about.

Otherwise I've been feeling tired, nauseas and interestedly more emotional than usually.  I'm not tearing up at every pet food commercial or anything but a Sixty Minutes story about an IVF mix up got the waterworks going.  And an old episode of ER which a young boy dies and his organs are used to help others, also had me going, where two months ago it wouldn't have bothered me.  Crazy hormones!

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  1. Sorry about my slow blogging this week :( Great news... for your frostie and for no drugs :)) Hate the more emotional feeling... not a pleasant part of the journey. Looking forward to hearing all your good news along the way xoxo