Monday, March 25, 2013

The Monday Snapshot...

James has a pirate cubby house in his room that I like hiding in to surprise him. He gives me the biggest smile when he discovers me in there.

So Patrick and decided to hide in there and wait for James to find us. My snapshots are of Patrick hiding and the two boys when James discovered us!

This is a part of the PAIL Monday Snapshot. If you would like to check out Emma's Snapshot, head to or click on the PAIL button on my side bar.


  1. I love so much about is just adorable!! James looks like such a big boy now.. wow! I love that you do this... and I love Patrick's onesie! :)

  2. What an adorable little play house! My boys would go gaga over it!


  3. Oh my gosh, is there anything sweeter?!

  4. So cute. It looks like Patrick knows exactly what's going on and is waiting for James.